BAE's Digital Night Vision for Pilots Tested in the Real World's Sky

By Gary Cutlack on at

BAE's Striker II digital night vision system is ready to be tested in the real world, with the next-generation HMD now being used in the dark, in an aeroplane, for real.

The system combines head tracking with its twin displays to keep pilots informed about what's going on, relaying important data like how much aeroplane petrol is left and what song is currently playing, but it's the lightweight and fully digital night vision tool that's the star feature.

Test pilot Peter Kosogorin explained: "Striker II has a high-definition, lightweight night vision camera which translates information and displays it on the helmet’s visor. This removes the need for heavy night vision goggles which increase g-force pressures on the head and neck, limiting the pilot’s manoeuvrability in the cockpit."

BAE's Chris Colston added: "The second set of trials is the next step in the flight test program to prove Striker II offers true 'plug and play' compatibility with the Typhoon and builds upon the initial trials to further evaluate the digital night vision capability."