Blackberry Venice Android Phone Must be Real – It's on Someone's Desk

By Gary Cutlack on at

The odd yet extremely interesting Blackberry Venice device has been photographed out in the real world, with a phone enthusiast placing it atop his whitest surface and taking photos of its intriguing curved display, pop-out physical keyboard and custom build of Google's Android OS.

The images, published by Android Authority, make the Venice's keyboard appear rather nice. Angled, wonky-pyramid-shaped keys ought to be easy to hit thanks to the separation the peaks create, plus that curved edge looks every bit as sexy -- but perhaps equally pointless -- as the one on Samsung's enticing Galaxy Edges.

Here are a few more photos of the Venice that we've right-clicked on and reuploaded:


Google's Android code appears to be relatively untouched, although the taker of the photos says Blackberry has added a series of keyboard shortcuts to allow power users to blitz their way through productivity tools, plus the Home key appears to have some sort of pop-up carousel added to it for quick access to apps not already given a spot on the device's main desktop area.

The work/business approach seems to be Blackberry's angle with the Venice and its OS, with the phone coming with a list of action shortcuts to common work stuff like launching new emails, BBM-ing someone, and scheduling meetings. [Android Authority]