Blackberry's First Android Phone Will Be Called "Priv"

By James O Malley on at

Blackberry is hard at work on its first ever phone that will be running Android, as opposed to Blackberry's own operating system... and now we know what it will be called.

Blackberry Priv.

Yeah - we're not sure either, but N4BB reckons it could be simply because the word is short and pronounceable in many different languages.

The news was broken by arch-leaker @evleaks, who is usually reliable on this sort of thing. He also posted the above render of the phone, which used to be known by its codename "Venice".

As Digital Spy notes, the phone is also expected to match up to some of the top Android devices on the market - including a 5.4" QHD screen, a 1.8ghz Snapdragon processor with 3GB of RAM, and a massive 18MP camera.

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We're not entirely sure when the Priv is going to be released, but Blackberry will be hoping that it will make more of an impact than its most recent offerings. The Priv is something of a reboot for the troubled Canadian firm, aiming for a best of both worlds combining Android (an OS which is actually popular and used by other people) and a physical keyboard (inexplicably beloved by executives everywhere). [N4BB via Digital Spy]