Bloodhound Super Sonic Car Shown Off in London Ahead of Record Attempt

By James O Malley on at

The rocket car which its designers hope will become the world's fastest land vehicle is going on display at Canary Wharf ahead of its record attempt next year.

According to the BBC the Bloodhound Super Sonic Car (SSC) is 13.5m long, and has seven times the power output of all of the Formula 1 cars combined. The plan is to first of all smash the existing record of 763mph by getting up to 800 when the first attempt takes place next year, before going up to 1000mph in 2017.

To attempt the record, a special track has been built in South Africa (we're guessing it is very long and very straight).

8000 people are expected to go and see the car at the East Wintergarden venue, though it is apparently only 95% complete: The company is still waiting for its rocket boosters to be delivered. Visitors will also get to see the wheels the vehicle will use: Apparently made of solid aluminium for the actual speed record attempts, and recycled Eurofighter-Typhoon wheels for when they just want to trundle the car around.

The car has been a long time coming, taking eight years to design and build. Previously Giz has reported on the tests inside a wind tunnel, the hi-tech engine and all of the gadgets in the cockpit needed to drive the thing. [BBC]