Butcher Wows Meat-Eating Alcoholics With Jägermeister and Red Bull Infused Sausage

By Gary Cutlack on at

A Scottish butcher claims it's successfully winning over younger fans by launching a new blend of sausage, one that contains the morning-after-burp flavours of popular mind obliteration combo Jägermeister and Red Bull.

You need to be waking up confused and disorientated on the sofa of a complete stranger somewhere in the vicinity of butcher H&S Milne & Sons in Aberdeen in order to try a few, where the sausage was launched last week. The operator of the business admitted getting the idea from someone else, though, explaining: "A young lad here had seen a butcher in Lossiemouth doing it and he came in and said ‘you’ve got to try these’."

Despite an initial flurry of enthusiasm around the new form of meat tubing on the social networks it seems the people aren't yet ready to entirely ditch plain vanilla meat as their favourite sausage choice, with maker Kenny Milne admitting: "Sales have been good, but a bit tentative. People have been buying them in threes and fours and sixes to try them rather than getting a pound of sausages like they normally would."

The good news is that sausage sales in general increased the following week as a result of this successful re-engagement with the versatile processed meat product. [Meat Info via Twitter]

Image credit: Sausages from Shutterstock