Can VR Make Rollercoasters Even More Exciting?

By James O Malley on at

Could adding a VR headset improve the rollercoaster experience? The BBC sent Click reporter LJ Rich to Germany's Europa Park to try out the "VR Coaster" - and it looks pretty awesome.

In the film, LJ explains that the technology could be used to revive older rides. In this demo, the headset essentially adds a new experience on top of the 30 year old Alpine Express.

The company behind the technology is VR Coaster. The way it works is by having users select the VR 'experience' they want on their phone, mounting it in the headset and then having the coaster wirelessly ensure everything syncs up - so drops, g-forces and movements all accurately map to what is happening on screen.

Apparently it can even integrate gaming and interactivity into rollercoaster rides.

Would you want to have a go on a rollercoaster like this? Let us know what you reckon in the comments. [BBC]