Civil Servant Spotted Promoting Their Clash of Clans Group on Wikipedia

By James O Malley on at

Wikipedia can be edited by anyone, so it is often important for editors and journalists to watch exactly who is trying to change the story.

This need is why Twitter accounts like WhitehallEdits exist. As all Wikipedia edits are public they are able to automatically flag up when someone from a government computer edits the encyclopaedia. Usually, the hope for journalists is that they will be able to spot a scandal, such as a politician editing their own page to make themselves look good.

Most of the time though, it merely exists to offer a look into what civil servants get up to during (what we hope is) their break. It seems that, umm, at 2am this morning, someone working in government thought they could sneak a plug for their Clash of Clans team (or, umm, "clan", if you prefer) on to the game's developer's Wikipedia page.


The update simply added the words "join the clan Share Lancelot it is great" next to Clash of Clans on the list of the company's games. Sadly, the addition is probably doomed to failure, as it breaks a number of Wikipedia's rules and is almost certainly considered unencyclopaedic.

Clash of Clans is a Massively Multiplayer Online Strategy game for iOS and Android - think something akin to Civilisation or Age of Empires, perhaps. A quick Google reveals that the civil servant's clan, Share Lancelot, was formed in May this year - and clearly judging by this marketing strategy has ambitious plans for growth.

This isn't the first time such activity has been spotted. At the end of last year journalists noticed that every Monday one civil servant would go in and update all of the Scottish football scores - useful, no doubt, but slightly outside of the remit of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport.

In any case, here's hoping that as word gets back to Whitehall that the bosses don't act completely joylessly and give the civil servant a telling off - perhaps instead they should just suggest they brush up on their Wikipedia etiquette.