Currys Refused to Repair TV Due to Fly Attack "Act of God"

By Gary Cutlack on at

A man was left with no choice but to do a sad face for the world's media after electrical chain Currys said his TV was broken by an act of god -- an attack on its pixels by a trapped fly.

Currys technicians initially agreed to look at the dead pixels of the 65-inch LG TV bought by Chris Chamney, seeing as it was within its one-year warranty period, but soon changed their tune upon discovering it had been broken -- perhaps even purposefully -- by an insect trapped inside.

Chris explained: "I spoke to Currys and they said that they would look at it as it was still within its one year warranty. A couple of days after, I got a call from KnowHow [Currys' technical support service] who said that they wouldn't repair it, and were really vague as to why they wouldn't."

"I then rang Currys and they said a tinder fly had got stuck in the TV, and that had broken the pixels in the screen. They said that as it's an 'act of God' it would cost me £95 to repair the screen."

God is said to take many forms, but vengeful fly is a new one on us. Happily, the issue is now solved thanks to everyone sticking their oars in, with both Currys and maker LG falling over themselves to fix the broken set now the fly attack TV man has gone viral. [Mirror]

Image credit: Broken TV from Shutterstock