Cyclist Sues Over Pothole Crash

By Gary Cutlack on at

A man who broke his elbow, his cheekbone and lost consciousness for a while after clattering his bike into a pothole is suing his local council, hoping to teach them a lesson -- and get enough money together to pay for a new pair of shorts.

48-year-old Chris Clay told the Derby Telegraph: "I was cycling and, then all of a sudden, I went flying. The friend I was with had to call an ambulance and I was taken to hospital. It knocked me out for a while and I had no idea what was going on. I was in great pain and knew this was more than just minor injuries."

He's contacted a local legal firm to seek (financial) damages, adding: "There are potholes all over the place. Something needs to be done about it. This is a big problem in the county and the city and I know it's something which really irritates people. I class myself as being lucky. Although what I've suffered was bad, I know it could have been worse. Potholes are dangerous. This proves that."

The case is already causing a micro-war to break out between rival tribes of bike-men and car-men in the comments beneath the Derby Telegraph piece, with locals suggesting he was probably too stupid to see potholes and it was all his own fault, or that the roads are dangerous and people should stay at home, or that all cyclists should be buried in potholes to fix the roads for the normal people in cars etc etc. [Derby Telegraph via Cycling Weekly]