Donald Trump Duped into Retweeting Picture of Jeremy Corbyn

By Tom Pritchard on at

Donald Trump really should double check the things he retweets, because once again he's retweeted a picture of someone without realising who they really are. But instead of retweeting pictures of serial killers, this time he retweeted a picture of notable leftie (and newly elected leader of the Labour Party) Jeremy Corbyn.

Trump was told that Corbyn was actually someone's Dad, and a fan of Trump's presidential campaign. Erm, not quite. People have flocked to point that Corbyn is clearly not going to vote for Trump, but at the time of writing the tweet still remains undeleted.

It also shows that Donald Trump doesn't quite get the idea that people frequently lie on the internet. I wonder who he'll endorse next? My bet is on Hannibal Lecter. [The Guardian]