Express Exactly How You Feel With a Thousand-Key Emoji Keyboard

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Sometimes a simple smile or frown is enough to convey the emotion of a sentence. But for those times when you need a more specific emoji, Tom Scott has transformed the 1,000+ keys on 14 combined keyboards into one monstrous contraption to help you quickly access those expressive little pictographs.

To make them easier to find the emojis are grouped by genres — faces, animals, hand gestures, etc. — but is hunting and pecking for the exact emoji that expresses how you’re feeling easier than digging through a series of software menus? Probably not. But who’s to say that after a few months you won’t become as fast on this keyboard as you are on a standard QWERTY layout? In no time you’ll probably become an organist of emotions.

Things will get more challenging for emoji touch-typists, though, as this layout only covers everything included in Unicode 8. When the candidates from Unicode 9 finally arrive, you’re gonna need a bigger keyboard. :( [YouTube via Laughing Squid]