13 Facts You Might Not Know About the iPhone

By Spencer Hart on at

If you've somehow missed the news, later today Tim Cook will take to a stage in California to unveil a new iPhone to the world. Whether it's the predictable iPhone 6S,  6C and other assorted updates, or a more exotic iPhone 7, this launch has got us feeling all nostalgic.

We've taken a look back over the wonder phone's impressive history, and discovered a load of things about the device we didn't know before, which has usefully been presented here for your reading pleasure.

1. It wasn't the first iPhone

Everyone knows the iPhone wasn't the first smartphone, but less people know it wasn't even the first iPhone. That accolade belongs to Cisco, who brought out a VOIP phone that used Skype in 2006. Cisco owned the patent for the name, and hastily decided to sue Apple. They reached an out of court settlement and claimed it wasn't about the money.

[Image Credit: AllAboutVOIP]

2. During development the iPhone was code-named Project Purple

We have no idea why (maybe it was Steve Jobs favourite colour?), but during development the iPhone was code-named Project Purple. The 1,000 select engineers working on the phone also called their section of the Apple HQ the 'Purple Dorm'.

[Image Credit: Gizmodo UK edited]

3. The room where the iPhone was developed had a sign reading 'Fight Club'

Because the first rule about iPhone development, is that you don't talk about iPhone development.

[Image Credit: YouTube]

4. On March 9, 2015, Tim Cook announced that Apple had sold a total of 700 million iPhones

That means you could give every single person in America two iPhones, and still have 62 million left over.

[Image Credit: Gizmodo US]

5. In every official product shot and advert the iPhone shows a time of 9:41 AM

Seriously, go check the Apple's website now.

Back? Good, let's continue. This is down to Steve Jobs' perfectionist nature, wanting the time of the phone in the Keynote to match the real time it was being announced. Originally it was 9:42, but Apple Keynotes have become slightly shorter and it's now 9:41. Look out for the time on Apple's live stream later today.

[Image Credit: Apple]

6. In 2012, Apple sold 340,000 iPhones every day

That's 236 every minute, and 124 million throughout the entire year.

[Image Credit: TheNextDidgit]

7. In 1991, the iPhone would have cost £2.3 million to make

According to a rough estimate from TechPoliceDaily, it would have cost Apple £2.3 million to make an iPhone in 1991. This includes £940,000 for 32 GB of flash memory, and a processor which can produce 20,500 instructions per second, which would cost £405,000.

Have a problem with the maths? Let TechPoliceDaily know, not me, ta.

[Image Credit: iFixit]

8. The entry-level price for an iPhone in Brazil is around £800

If you thought the taxes and import duties were a little steep in the UK, spare a thought for Brazilians, who had to pay around £800 for an entry-level iPhone 5S. It clearly costs to be a fanboy in Brazil.

[Image Credit: AfterDawn]

9. Jailbreaking software Cydia is named after a common type of apple worm

Yep, the Cydia Pomonella is the most common form of apple worm. That's a quality pun right there.

[Image Credit: Pixabay]

10. One diehard idiot fan began waiting in front of the Apple Store six months before the iPhone 6 launch

Words fail us.

[Image Credit: Gizmodo UK]

11. Signed up to Apple's Terms and Conditions without reading them? You've agreed not to make nuclear weapons using their products

Just in case you were thinking of using an iPhone as the guidance system in your nuclear warhead, stop right there, because by agreeing to Apple's Terms and Conditions you "also agree that you will not use these products for any purposes prohibited by United States law, including, without limitation, the development, design, manufacture or production of nuclear missiles, or chemical or biological weapons"

[Image Credit: Wikipedia]

12. The original iPhone almost had an iPod-style click wheel

The iPhone wasn't made from Jony Ive's first sketch, instead designers sat around a kitchen table and shared ideas. One such idea included a iPod-style click wheel. Well, it was revolutionary wasn't it?

[Image Credit: iDownloadBlog]

13. Apple spent £423-million advertising the iPhone in the United States from 2007 through to 2011

That's a lot of money, but do you know anyone who hasn't heard of the iPhone?

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