Fallout 4 Piano Theme Will Give You Chills, Raise the Hype

By James O Malley on at

There's just over six weeks to go until Fallout 4 hits PS4, Xbox One and PC, and to get us in the mood developer Bethesda has published a video of the game's composer, Inon Zur, playing the game's main theme on piano.

In a pretend interview on the Bethesda website Zur explains his concept behind the music in the game, saying of his soundscapes: “In this way we provide a different musical experience that is not necessarily very thematic but is something very memorable”. Apparently the intention is to signal to the player why they are where they are, and to underscore the emotional dimensions of the story.

The action-RPG is set in 2077, following an apocalyptic nuclear strike, and story-wise is set at roughly the same time as the previous game in the series.

The game is actually set to feature the piano fairly prominently; apparently it provides a more personal sound, for a more personal story. He worked with Todd Howard on the final sound, which sits somewhere between real piano and electronic piano - aiming for "A sound that is really round and not bright at all but very lush."

The theme was originally composed for Fallout 3, and Zur explained the philosophy behind it: “We basically use two chords. That’s to reflect the dualism in Fallout: the despair of war – but also the hope for the future. In Fallout we’re always torn between the despair and the darkness and all the dangers that are lurking in the world, and the hope to build a better world.”

Fallout 4 is due out on the 10th November. So not too long to go now. [Eurogamer]