Freeview Play Connected TV Service is Launching Next Month

By James O Malley on at

Freeview has today announced that the next generation of its service, dubbed "Freeview Play" will be launching in October.

The new service combines over the air TV like you already have with on-demand programming via an internet connection. In what sounds rather similar to the offering from YouView, the service will combine on-demand programmes from the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 into one searchable offering, rather than make users use separate apps for each broadcaster. The big selling point for Freeview Play of course is that unlike other means of receiving TV, it is totally free (once you've paid your broadband bill).

Like YouView, it will also enable users to scroll backwards through the programme guide to access on-demand TV by going back to when it was broadcast and hitting play.

The new service will apparently be rolled out automatically to compatible devices, such as the Panasonic's 2015 Viera TVs. Freeview adds that Panasonic will also soon be launching three compatible Blu-Ray players and two compatible digital recorders. Humax, Manhattan TV and Vestel will also launch compatible devices in the future.

The new service will be launching with a big ad campaign, to expect to hear a lot more about it in October.