Gmail Just Made It Super Easy to Block People

By Adam Clark Estes on at

We all have that list of, like, ten people who email us about crap we don’t care about — or just don’t want to see. Now, with two clicks, Gmail will let you block them from ever showing up in your inbox again. This is progress!

You’ve long been able to filter spammy email addresses out of your inbox, but it requires a number of onerous, confusing steps. The Gmail feature launching today puts a new “Block” feature in the dropdown menu of an email. It will send future emails from that address directly to your spam folder. Additionally, Gmail has created an unsubscribe option that removes your name from a mailing list without ever leaving the app. The new options are now live on the web and will roll out on Android devices over the next week.

These aren’t perfect solutions. In the perfect world, Gmail would show you exactly what you really care about. That was the promise of Inbox], but it remains unfulfilled by Gmail. Nevertheless, Gmail today is a little bit better than Gmail was yesterday.

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