Google to Punish Websites That Display Massive App Install Banners

By James O Malley on at

The mobile web could be about to become less annoying, as Google has announced that websites that prompt visitors to install an app when they first visit could be penalised - and have their search engine rankings hurt if they don't get rid of them.

The Google Webmaster blog explains the changes rather euphemistically. It explains how sites that nag users to install apps will not be listed by Google's systems as "mobile friendly". The reason this is important is that following changes in April, Google search now gives greater priority to websites that are considered by Google to be mobile friendly.

In other words Google is the mob boss warning the restaurant: "Nice place you got here... it would be a shame if something were to happen to it... capisce?"

Google says the changes is because users reckon app-install banners are annoying (no shit) - and the new changes will be kicking in from November 1st. Webmasters: You have been warned. [Google]