Google's Quantum Computer Doubles its Qubit Rating

By Gary Cutlack on at

The D-Wave quantum computer that Google and its tech buddies are using to try to bin the rules of Moore's Law is now more powerful than ever, with its builder managing to double its 512 qubits operational limit in the new D-Wave 2X system.

The Qubit is a quantum bit, the sort-of-equivalent of the standard computer bit, or the measure of the bandwidth of the computers of tomorrow. The updated D-Wave is operated at the NASA Ames Research center with help from Google, NASA and the Universities Space Research Association, where the highest-functioning nerds of the known universe come together to further computingkind.

One baffling element of the increase in quantum processing ability that comes with the D-Wave 2X is that the doubling of qubits hasn't needed much in the way of extra power, a fact that bodes quite well for a quantum computing future. D-Wave is in it for the long haul too, signing a new agreement with Google and the various space tech nerds to keep it updated and upgraded for the next seven years, by which time it'll be able to run Battlefield 4 at 200 per cent resolution. [D-Wave via Wired]