How Do You Dispose of Spiders?

By James O Malley on at

Autumn doesn't just mean longer nights, cold weather and the grim inevitability of yet another year of X-Factor chat filling up our Facebook and Twitter timelines - it is also a dangerous time as THE SPIDERS ARE INVADING.

Autumn is spider mating season, and they're going to become increasingly common in our homes, where it is warm: Perfect for an arachnid wanting to start a family. Unfortunately, this presents us with a dilemma: What's the best way to deal with these unwanted guests?

Our intrepid editor Gerald experienced this exact dilemma this morning as he came face to face with what he believed to be a massive false widow spider. You can see a realistic simulation of the events in the image above.

The problem is thus: Is it right to kill spiders? Should we feel able to take the life of another creature not because it is food or it is aggressive, but just because it is there and a bit annoying? Is it worth the extra hassle to humanely capture and release them, or is it better to end it quickly by force?

In the end, Gerald took the nuclear option and vanquished the spider with the vacuum cleaner. It was grim work but it was only through decisive action that he was able to restore man's mastery over nature. But that's not to say the act was without remorse: "I've now got blood on my hands", he lamented, "Now I know how the dentist who killed Cecil felt".

So as our chatroom we want to know: What do you do? What would you do when faced with an eight-legged menace? Is it time for all out war or accommodation? Do you try to remain at peace with nature, or are you too aware of the threat of spiders laying eggs in your mouth at night?

Let us know in the comments.