Huawei Watch Hits Wrists (and Wallets) in October

By Gerald Lynch on at

A good watch's value should go up with age, like a nice piece of jewellery, so with Huawei's Android Wear Watch sitting in the oven since MWC, you could argue its just announced €399 and €699 price tags (£293 and £515 roughly converted, before taxes and dependent on chosen build) should come as no surprise. Except we're not dealing with an antique. Not yet at least.

Having said that, it's certainly one of the more attractive Android Wear devices. With a fully circular face and 2pm crown button, its rose gold, stainless steel and black frames all have a luxury feel that few other Android Wear devices have managed to attain yet. Stainless steel mesh, stainless steel link or leather straps are available, while the Huawei Watch will also be compatible with 18mm standard straps.

With a 1.4-inch AMOLED display and 0.6mm bezel, its 400 x 400, 268ppi display is among the sharpest of smartwatch screens, while its sapphire crystal display should take a beating as well. A 300mAh battery promises 32 active hours of usage, from a 75 minute charge, while a heart rate sensor also sits within the watch. Other than that it's Android Wear as you know and love it, offering notifications for calls, texts, emails and third party apps, as well as contextual Google Now updates based on your current location and activity. Supporting Android 4.3+ devices and that other iOS 8.2 thing, expect to see it in shops, finally, by October.