Important Character Back on Set For Star Wars: Episode VIII

By Gary Cutlack on at

Reports out of the picturesque south-west tip of Ireland confirm that Mark Hamill will be returning to Skywalker-up the next Star Wars film too, with the cast and crew of Episode VIII said to filming new scenes on the same rocky outcrop used in Episode VII.

According to the Irish Examiner, filming on Episode VIII is under way out on the Skellig islands, with the paper explaining that bad weather is currently holing up the cast and crew on the mainland. Local tourism operator John O’Sullivan told the paper: "People who are arriving in this area do seem to know a lot about it and September has been busy and there’s a great buzz around the place. They’re asking questions but the information we have is limited because anyone involved locally has signed confidentiality contracts but we know that what’s happening this week is geared for two years’ time and the release of Star Wars Episode VIII."

You can understand the excitement among locals. Local tour operators must be beside themselves with excitement at the possibility of setting up the Skelligs and their stone buildings as one of the nerd world's most famous pilgrimage sites, with the likes of Casey’s Tour set to rake it on over the next few decades as men in t-shirts descend to see where some scenes of the franchise were shot.

And they're already raking it in through merchandising along with the rest of the world, with a local entrepreneur's presumably unofficial Skellig Wars t-shirts doing good business. [Irish Examiner via IGN]

Image credit: Skellig Michael from Shutterstock