Internet Theorists Go Mad for Marshenge Discovery

By Gary Cutlack on at

People poring over images taken by the HiRISE Mars orbiter have found another thing to get excited about on the internet, discovering something that looks quite a bit like Stonehenge. But on Mars.

The original image (keep scrolling) does make the lumpy rock bits stand out rather well, what with them being placed atop a mound so they resemble our earth henges quite clearly. That could, perhaps, be a burial mound, where the ancient Martian kings were interred at the end of their epoch, before the youth of the planet were packed off into spaceships to escape the planet's looming, unstoppable ecological collapse. Their destination? Earth. It's so obvious that's what happened.

What there doesn't seem to be in the picture, though, is any form of shop, or camp site, or any paths or tents or dogs, leading us to assume the image is not really of a proper henge at all, and is probably just the foundations of an ancient temple or an old launch pad. [Express]