iPad Mini 4 Teardown: Literally Just a Smaller iPad Air 2

By Chris Mills on at

The new iPad Mini 4 was a footnote at Apple’s recent event, and for good reason: the little tablet really is just Apple’s year-old iPad, with a slightly smaller display.

The tinkerers at iFixit took the Mini 4 apart piece by piece to see what’s new. Although things look pretty much identical on the outside as the Mini 3, there are a few important changes under the hood: the glass screen is now laminated to the display, which makes the iPad thinner, but also more expensive to replace if you crack the screen.

Otherwise, iFixit concludes that the processor, RAM, and cameras are all the same as the Air 2. If you want to save £80 — and want the more holdable screen — it’s probably a safe bet. [iFixit]

Image credits: iFixit