Is the World's First Foldable Smartphone Finally Ready?

By Darren Orf on at

Samsung is known for being a little weird when it comes to smartphones. There are strange curves and slopes on Samsung devices. It even made the first super-sized smartphone which, at the time, was pretty weird. Perhaps its weirdest device, a folding smartphone years in the making, has long only been a rumour—but now, it might finally have a launch date.

The image up above IS NOT what the final phone will look like. That’s just a concept from 2014. But this new rumour from Chinese website Weibo says there’s a January 2016 launch date for what Samsung is calling “Project Valley.” A January launch could peg the smartphone for a possible showing at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in early January. If that’s the case, it’s possible it will be a very early prototype... something you won’t see on sale for a few more years.

However, the site also claims there are two variants running current processors, the Snapdragon 620 and 820. So, it’s possible that Project Valley is a testbed for the next Galaxy S7, and that a foldable smartphone could be closer than we think.

Whatever the case (and whether you’d even want a foldable smartphone or not), you have to admire Samsung trying to shake up the game—even if it’s not in buyable shape for a few more years. [SamMobile]

A New Sonos: It’s been awhile since Sonos had any new hardware, but that could be changing soon. An app that appeared online has images of a speaker not currently in the company’s lineup. According to the app info, the speaker works with gestures instead of buttons for a more streamlined design. No word yet if or when this speaker is coming. [Engadget]

Android Trolls Strike Again: Apple just released its first Android app yesterday—Move to iOS—and it’s being hit HARD with negative reviews from Android users. Here’s a personal favourite:

If Apple was a country it would be North Korea. Looks like Apple wants to attack our freedom and control everything we do on our phone and also charge us a bomb for it in this process. Thank you very much for trying this cheap tactic but I am very satisfied where I am and what phone I am using. Now you can go ahead sulk and try this on iSheeps which I am sure will definitely surrender to you. Peace. ✌

For the record, I doubt the app is really that bad.

Goodbye, Apple Bloat?: In an interview with Buzzfeed, Tim Cook mentioned that Apple is thinking about making some of its pre-installed apps deletable. GOODBYE, STOCKS! However, there’s no time frame for when such an option would be put in place or if it will really even happen. [Buzzfeed]