ITV Bins ITV Player in Favour of New ITV Hub

By Gary Cutlack on at

ITV's about to rejig its internet facing streaming businesses, replacing the fairly terrible old ITV Player with a new do-it-all thing it calls ITV Hub.

The idea's pretty self explanatory, with the broadcaster looking to gather all of its streaming options together under one new digital roof, ending the reliance upon to organise streams and giving people one central place to head to for their fix of grim reality TV and light entertainment presented by people we used to like when they were on the BBC.

There will be some new ways to enjoy its output too, with support forĀ Amazon Fire TV and the Freeview Play connected catch-up TV service built in, with live streaming and a "TV-like experience" central to the concept.

Paul Kanareck, ITV's director of online, said: "With over 11 million registered users and 726 million long form requests last year alone, our VOD service has come of age, with live TV right at the core of our proposition. Our product and content offering has improved dramatically and we look forward to sharing further detail of our ambitious developments at The ITV Gala in November."

The Hub will be released to the public some time during the autumn. [ITV]