Jabra Eclipse Puts Less Stress on the Ear of Executives, Weighing Just 5.5g

By Gary Cutlack on at

Things-dangling-off-things maker Jabra has revealed a (tangled) rucksack full of new mobile accessories at IFA 2015 this week, with one of the most technically appealing being its next-gen Jabra Eclipse Bluetooth headset -- one that weighs just 5.5g and is so small looks like someone's cut your earphone cable off in a commuter rage incident about leaking sound.

The Jabra Eclipse claims to offer 10 hours of talk time, which is useful because people who own these sort of things tend to go on (about themselves) quite a bit. Despite its 5.5g weight Jabra claims there's a "music-grade speaker" inside it, teamed with HD voice support and noise cancellation tech to keep things clear when you're talking to mum about which pub's the best for a Sunday roast.

The Jabra Eclipse launches in the UK at the end of September for £99 and comes in black, with a white model coming in October. [Jabra]