Kellogg's Celebrates the Queen's Reign With Limited Edition "Queen Flakes"

By Gary Cutlack on at

Somehow, someone at Kellogg's found out that the Queen likes eating a custom blend of Special K and Corn Flakes for her breakfast, so it's saved her the job of manually mixing the two together by creating its own bespoke flake mashup.

The Queen Flakes have also been augmented with raisins and macadamia nuts to apparently represent diamonds and the sort of jewels she was given for free by her local council at birth, with a Kellogg’s spokesperson explaining: "We wanted to congratulate the Queen on her spectacular reign by creating a cereal in her honour. Despite tough competition from names such as ‘Monarch Munch’ and ‘Liz’s Loops’, we felt ‘Queen Flakes’ said it best."

The flakes do indeed appear to be real, with Manchester’s Black Milk Cereal Café ready to start serving them to the common folk from Friday. [Kellogg's via Time]