Kids Will Love These Plasters That Make Cuts Look Far Worse

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Has anyone ever put on a plaster and had it perfectly match their skin colour? No, not even close. That’s why printing bandages with fun or stylish designs makes a lot more sense. Or, if you’re feeling macabre, you can slap on a plaster that make your cut or abrasion look far worse that it really is.

Kids Will Love These Bandages That Make Cuts Look Far Worse

Are these Boo-Boos bandages a little unsettling? No, they’re very unsettling, but for some reason kids seemed fascinated by gore. And pretending that a simple paper cut is actually a bullet wound you’re too tough to get taken care of guarantees you some instant playground street-cred.

Just in time for Halloween the Boos-Boos bandages are finally available for purchase via Sherwood Forlee’s website. Each pack is now just $13/£8.40 (including international shipping), so grab a few and stick them all over your body next month for an easy but incredibly disturbing Halloween costume. [Sherwood Forlee]