Labour Candidate Reads Her Hate Mail On Video

By James O Malley on at

As the race to be crowned deputy leader of the Labour Party draws to a close (yes, they're electing a deputy too), one candidate has posted a video showing some of the hate mail she has received during the campaign.

Stella Creasy, who is the current MP for Walthamstow, is currently second favourite in the race - trailing frontrunner and current West Bromwich MP Tom Watson. But could Creasy's latest stunt be a game-changer? Watch the video to see that - astonishingly - some politicians do have a sense of humour like normal people:

The video follows in a rich tradition of public figures sharing the hate they receive. Here's Richard Dawkins sharing some of his postbag:

The results of the contest are due to be announced on Saturday at the same special conference where Jeremy Corbyn is widely expected to be crowned as the new party leader.