Labour Mayoral Candidate Slags Off London's Garden Bridge Plan

By James O Malley on at

MP Sadiq Khan, who was recently voted to be Labour's candidate in next year's London Mayoral Election has come out against plans to build a "Garden Bridge" across the Thames.

Giz has regularly reported on the bridge, which has received the backing of current Mayor Boris Johnson, who has promised to stump up £30m of public money to help pay for it.

It seems now though that the bridge could be delayed, or not built at all. Earlier today Khan tweeted:


He also described the bridge to the BBC as a 'White Elephant', so if he wins the election don't expect the bridge to see the light of day.

Perhaps more troubling too is the news that Lambeth council has suspended talks on building the bridge following worries over money.

The bridge has long proved controversial due to its use of public money and the fact that despite being a bridge and a means of crossing the river, it will not be open to cyclists, and will even be closed overnight and for private events. And this isn't to mention that it will be tracking the people who use it.

On making his position clear, Khan joins the likes of former Mayoral opponent Christian Wolmar (who was also running for the Labour nomination) - in calling for the cash to instead be spent pedestrianising an overcrowded Oxford Street.

On the Conservative side, though the party hasn't picked its Mayoral candidate yet, the likely nominee and current Richmond MP Zac Goldsmith has been more supportive of the bridge - suggesting that the debate could continue right up until the election in May next year.