Laser Razor is the Future of Keeping Your Face and Genitals Smooth

By Gary Cutlack on at

"The Skarp Razor is the future of shaving!" say the people behind the Skarp Razor, and although the prototype isn't exactly thrilling to look at it certainly appears to work.

The Kickstarter listing has a massive number of bullet points explaining why it is indeed the future of the tedious grooming chore, claiming its laser system won't scratch you, tear your skin or clog up with bits, plus it makes the process practically water free -- making it better for the environment and presumably something you can do outside of the bathroom.

Although if it's your genitals you're doing, perhaps that's still best done in the bathroom out of consideration to others.

More importantly for a thing that's quite expensive, there are no consumables to buy and replace. Skarp has binned the razor blade pricing model in favour of the modern gadget cost structure, charging $159 (£105) at the currently available tier for one of the next-gen shavers. It also means less in the way of plastic waste, with Skarp claiming some 2bn disposable razors are disposed of in the US each year.

As to whether it actually works or not... there's an animated GIF on the Kickstarter page, one that says the laser works by targeting chromophore particles in the hair that fall apart when hit by a certain wavelength of light, a fact we can neither verify or dispute. So given today's world is ruled by the animated GIF, it must be true.

Plus the demo video looks convincing, albeit it's working on a rather sparse patch of hair. [Kickstarter via Mashable]