LG 4K OLED HDR TVs Will Get Amazon Video Streams in High Dynamic Range

By Gerald Lynch on at

HDR is the TV buzz term at IFA 2015 – you can have all the pixels in the world, but if your telly isn't capable of handling high dynamic range video, you're not hanging with the big boys this year.

LG's been showing off its 4K HDR OLED screens at the show, but they're not worth much without HDR content to go with them. Good thing then it's just partnered up with Amazon Video to serve owners of its top-flight WebOS tellies HDR content. If you get yourself one of the just-revealed EF9500 Flat OLED 4K TV series, selected EG9600 and EG9200 models or the Curved OLED 4K TV series daddy, you'll be able to stream the richer videos. Note however that only the EF9500 comes with full HDR capabilities out of the box – the others will need a firmware update before they get onboard.

All LG's new HDR TVs meet the just-cemented Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) guidelines defining what constitutes a HDR-compatible display, so should also be able to make the most of further content providers' films and shows later down the line. In the meantime, Amazon original series including Transparent and Mozart in the Jungle should be looking the best they ever have, thanks to the new HDR streams. [LG]