London Tube Line Closed After Just Three People Vote for Strike Action

By Gary Cutlack on at

Transport for London claims just three control room staff voted in favour of a future London tube strike, with the shutdown of the Waterloo and City line coming after just six RMT union members working the line were balloted over possible strike action.

A TfL spokesperson explained: "This dispute concerns the Waterloo & City line service control team which is comprised of eight employees. Six of these are RMT members. The RMT balloted its members and three of them voted for strike action," which is enough approval to lead the RMT to call for a two-day strike starting from Monday September 28.

However, the RMT doesn't agree with TfL's numbers. It says 24 people voted and they were all in favour of the strike, with the Standard quoting a union spokesperson as saying: "It is a small team of staff same as every other service control room but LU would be foolish to denigrate them (and) underestimate both their anger and the potential impact of the action."

So regardless of whoever's right, it seems that fewer than 24 people were able to shut down a tube line in a technical dispute over the regrading of staff jobs and renewed allocation of work tasks. [Standard]