Mad, Mad Philips AmbiLux UHD TV Puts Nine Projectors in a Telly

By Gerald Lynch on at

Philips has just announced the Power Rangers Megazord of TVs; its new AmbiLux UHD TV has a projection system stuck in its back. Madness. Wonderful, crazy madness.

Now, before you start planning how you're going to watch Eastenders around the front while projecting Mad Max around the back, note that Philips is using the projectors to beef up its AmbiLight "immersive viewing" TV feature. Rather than dual-viewing, the AmbiLux UHD TV uses nine rear-mounted pico-projectors to extend onscreen images beyond the display and onto the walls behind it. Think more like a watercolour spread of colours behind the main display reflecting what's happening onscreen, rather than a character waving off outside the edge of the telly.

The 65-inch screen running at a full 4K resolution is also powered by Android TV, giving you access to the Google Play Store, which will hopefully eventually be a good repository for ultra-resolution video content. Philips has also made it possible to sync the TV up with Hue lightbulbs, meaning you can turn your living room into a televisual rave, based on what's happening on screen. Just think of the ending of 2001: A Space Odyssey with that set-up. If that isn't part of Philips' demo, then they're seriously missing a trick.

In shops by Christmas, no pricing has been announced yet. Probably best to just stick it at the top of your Christmas wish list and hope for the best – you know it'll cost more pennies than you can sensibly bear to part with.