Marriott Hotels to Offer VR Headsets to Customers

By James O Malley on at

Soon you might be able to escape the blandness of staying in an identikit hotel room and pretend that you're on holiday somewhere more exciting, as Marriott, the hotel chain, has announced that it will be dishing out VR headsets at select branches.

According to Fortune guests at the New York Marriott Marquis and the London Marriott Park Lane will be able to call for "VRoom Service", and staff will bring up a Samsung Gear VR headset loaded with three "VR Postcards".

Each "Postcard" will be a 360-degree 3D film of someone, somewhere more exotic explaining more about their location. Films include Rwanda (presented by an ice cream shop owner from Brooklyn), Beijing (presented by a gallery owner) and the Andes (led by a woman who works for a 'well known social network').

Guests will apparently also have access to Samsung's "Milk VR" platform and other VR experiences hosted there.

Apparently the promotional wheeze is part of a bid by the company to attract more so-called Millennials to its properties. The company apparently also recently added Netflix, as well as American streaming services Hulu and Pandora to its offering in some hotels for the same reasons. [Fortune]