McDonalds Bringing Table Service to All UK Restaurants

By James O Malley on at

Next time you want to chow down on a Big Mac, things could be marginally classier as McDonalds has announced that it is bringing table service to its British restaurants. That's right: No more scrapping with the great unwashed at the cash register, you could soon be receiving personalised service from a bored sixthformer.

According to the Huffington Post the way the new ordering process will work is customers will place their order at a "digital kiosk" (which is like a large iPad), where they can also pay - and then they will pick up buzzer to put on their table, which has a number on. When their meal is ready, a member of staff will then use the buzzer to find the customer and deliver their grub.

According to the Telegraph the move is part of a wider shake-up which will also see new menu items (including more wraps) and more customisation option on meals (such as picking the type of bread you want on your burger). Drive-Throughs could also soon see digital ordering options added, which would presumably make things more bearable than a crackly intercom system.

The context for the shake-up is the changing fast-food landscape, which in recent years has seen McDonalds challenged both in the UK and internationally by slightly classier joints like Nandos, Chipotle, GBK and Five Guys, which all offer varying degrees of table service. [Huffington Post and The Telegraph]