Microsoft Hasn't Forgotten the Xbox 360, Pushes Out New Update

By Gerald Lynch on at

While the Xbox One is now obviously Microsoft's core gaming concern, it's not quite yet ready to quit the tens of millions of gamers still happily pounding away at Xbox 360 pads. It's just released a significant update to the veteran console, bringing with it a whole host of new features.

Chief among these is the addition of 2GB of cloud storage, which works across the Xbox console generations, allowing you to transfer save files from Xbox 360 games to the growing list of backward-compatible Xbox One versions. Download codes sent in messages can now be redeemed directly within a message, saving you having to scribble down the lengthy strings of numbers and letters to input elsewhere in the Xbox store, while it's now easier to connect your Xbox to networks in public places (such as hospitals and hotels) that require a Terms of Use to be accepted before connection.

Other new features include an Activity Feed in the Social pane, letting you comment on and share friends activities, as well as viewing screenshots posted. You'll also be able to see what Xbox One and Windows 10 players on your friends list are up to, and also check your Microsoft account balance from the console.
[Major Nelson]