Microsoft's New Band Looks Much More Wearable

By Darren Orf on at

Microsoft’s super huge, October 6th hardware event is quickly approaching, and while Windows enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting new Lumia smartphones and an upgrade to the apparently successful Surface Pro lineup, Microsoft’s black sheep, the Band, could bring with it a few surprises of its own.

Although Microsoft Band had some good ideas with its freshman activity tracker last year, it fell a little short on the wearable scale. Mainly, it was ultra bulky and uncomfortable and the touch screen interface wasn’t very good. It seems Microsoft is looking to tackle those very issues.

In leaked images provided by Microsoft Insider, we get a pretty convincing look at Microsoft’s next wearable attempt. Of course, looks can only get you so far. It has to have the apps and the functionality to back it up. We’ll know if the new Band is a triple threat in a few weeks. [Microsoft Insider]