Move Over Rolex and Aston Martin: Spotify and Netflix Are the Coolest UK Brands

By James O Malley on at

Tech brands like Apple, Spotify and Netflix are among the UK's coolest brands, according to a new survey, with luxury brands of yesteryear, like Aston Martin and Rolex taking the biggest hit.

The Telegraph reports on the "CoolBrands Top 20", which this year saw Apple retain its position at the top of the table, followed by Ray-Ban, Glastonbury, Nike and Netflix.

What's perhaps most interesting though, rather than the absolute positioning is to look at the trajectory. Aston Martin fell eight places; Rolex was bumped off entirely. Posho hi-fi maker Bang & Olufsen fell five places, and was beaten by young upstarts Sonos, an audio company which offers an internet-connected speaker system.

Perhaps this suggests that tech is doing to everything else what the iPhone did to the luxury phone market. Before the iPhone, the coolest phone the super rich could have was something like a diamond-studded Vertu phone, but this market was destroyed by Apple, and now people rich and poor all desire the same model iPhone.

Here's the full list:

  1. Apple (=)
  2. Ray-Ban (+10)
  3. Glastonbury (+2)
  4. Nike (-1)
  5. Netflix (+5)
  6. Alexander McQueen (+7)
  7. Instagram (+7)
  8. Chanel (-4)
  9. YouTube (-2)
  10. Aston Martin (-8)
  11. Spotify (new)
  12. Google (-6)
  13. Royal Albert Hall (new)
  14. Sonos (new)
  15. Whole Foods Market (new)
  16. Bang & Olufsen (-5)
  17. Ace Hotel (new)
  18. Adidas (new)
  19. Virgin Atlantic (=)
  20. Liberty (-4)

Of course, these rankings should come with a health warning: it is a pretty subjective list. Apparently the survey consisted of weighing the views of 2,500 representative members of the British public against the views of 36 "expert" tastemakers – with the two groups weighted 15 per cent and 85 per cent respectively. The experts include a wide range of figures, including everyone from David Harewood (the actor from Homeland), to fashion designer Kate Halfpenny, to Patrick Goss, who is editor of TechRadar.

What do you think of the list? Which brands would you have included in the coolest? Let us know in the comments. [The Telegraph]

Image credit: CoolBrands