National Grid Spending £500m to Bury Cables and Remove Pylons from Beauty Spots

By Gary Cutlack on at

Pylons strutting across some of the most beautiful parts of the UK could soon be on the way out, thanks to a £500m kitty that's being spent on looking at ways to remove the wire-carrying robots from our landscape.

National Grid has announced that it's undertaking "detailed technical feasibility works" to decide how best to remove pylons from four key scenic areas, with parks in the New Forest, Peak District, Snowdonia and the area near Winterbourne Abbas in Dorset set to benefit from having their electricity infrastructure replaced -- mostly by buried cables.

The money's not actually coming from National Grid itself, so don't go getting furious about bills rising to pay to improve the views of people with expensive houses. The money was put forward by power regulator Ofgem, with National Grid having until 2021 to spend it on beautifying parts of the country by removing old infrastructure.

National Grid's Hector Pearson said: "This is a unique stakeholder-driven project, and it continues to represent a major opportunity to conserve and enhance the natural beauty, wildlife, cultural and environmental heritage of some Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and National Parks. We will continue to work in partnership with stakeholders to not only mitigate the impact of our transmission lines in these areas but to also enhance the landscape, and deliver value for money."

A smaller kitty of £24m is also being made available to tidy up issues in other areas of outstanding national beauty and national parks. [National Grid via Guardian]