Netflix Making New Black Mirror Series: What We Want to See

By James O Malley on at

Dystopian sci-fi show Black Mirror will be returning but not on Channel 4 where it began, but on Netflix, where the show has gained a cult following both in the UK and around the world.

The Radio Times reports that the service has done a deal with creator Charlie Brooker and his production company House of Tomorrow to make new episodes of the show, each of which (so far) have been separate and unconnected stories.

The loose premise behind the series is a satirical jab at modern society centred around technology. For example, previous episodes have been premised on the idea that people were able to scroll back through their entire history on a portable device, or that it is possible to speak to the dead by having a computer reconstruct their personality based on social media postings and so on.

The most recent episode, a Christmas special, featured Mad Men star Jon Hamm in a world where it is possible to block people in real life, just as you would online.

The Netflix deal will be good news for fans of the show - as fans can now perhaps expect to soon be binge watching more episodes created perhaps with bigger budgets if other Netflix productions are anything to go by. Here's some ideas, just in case Charlie is reading, of what we'd like to see in the next series:

1) How about an episode set in a dystopian future where we fetishise technology to such a point that dishwashers get glitzy product launches?

2) Maybe one where a porn app secretly takes users' photos and holds them to ransom?

3) One where politicians are forced to read their hatemail on camera for the sick amusement of the general public?

4) An episode where life for millions of Britons is ruined as a search engine becomes sentient and starts winning all of the pub quizzes in the country.

Let us know your best ideas in the comments. [Radio Times]