Next Round of Tube Strikes Cancelled Following Night Tube Delay

By James O Malley on at

Good news for commuters in London: The next planned round of strikes on the London Underground have been cancelled following the official delay of the start of overnight Tube services on Friday and Saturdays.

The Evening Standard reports that the strikes, which had been planned for September 8th and 10th have now been suspended by the RMT union, and that talks between the unions and Transport for London are continuing.

However, the dispute is far from over as an RMT spokesperson confirmed to the Standard that industrial action could be back on at any time: "However we remain in dispute and all industrial action called to not co-operate with night Tube at local level including modelling and trials remains in place."

As with the strikes earlier this summer, the unions and TfL are at loggerheads over the transitioning of staff to work shifts on the new night services. TfL has already offered more cash including a one-off bonus of £500 to affected staff, but the unions say that the problem isn't money, but conditions.

In previous negotiations the unions have expressed dismay at staff who would finish their overnight shift in the early hours of Sunday morning having to then be awake and ready to work a day shift on Monday - arguing that this is not enough time for staff to recover.

But at least for now, trains should continue running as normal. So you should still be able to get to work. [Evening Standard]