Night Vision Goggles to be Deployed During Spectre Screenings to Stop Pirates

By James O Malley on at

The Federation Against Copyright Theft (the organisation that runs the scary warnings before films in the cinema) is warning pirates that it will be deploying some spy technology of its own to stop people illegally filming the new bond film, Spectre when it hits cinemas next month.

The Telegraph reports that cinema staff will be making sweeps of the showing of the film with night vision goggles, aiming to identify any pirates in the audience. Apparently techniques are getting increasingly sophisticated - with some pirates apparently even hiding their phones in popcorn cartons. Apparently this is fairly routine, but extra patrols will be put in place for Spectre.

The paper quotes Kieron Sharp, director general of the Federation Against Copyright Theft as explaining why Bond is perceived as such a big threat, saying that "The bigger the film and the more anticipated it is, the higher risk it is. We have staff on extra alert for that.

"James Bond is a big risk and we will be working with cinema operators and the distributors making sure we will keep that as tight as possible. We really don't want to see that recorded.

Unsurprisingly, most pirates are young men, which makes action films a particularly vulnerable target.

"You also have to look at certain films in terms of their interest to certain demographics of the population as well, so films like the Fast And Furious series is always very, very risky – high risk to us in terms of protecting that film in the cinema."

So if there are any movie pirates reading, then it sounds as though you might have better luck down your local art-house cinema instead. [The Telegraph]