North Korea's Wonsan Airport Shows Evil Dictatorship at its Shiniest

By James O Malley on at

For all of North Korea's problems, you can't fault its ambitions. Despite being closest place on Earth to an actual living hell, the country is determined to become a tourist hotspot, having recently finished a new airport near the city of Wonsan, in the East of the country.

Apparently Kalma airport was built because Kim Jong-Un wants the Wanson region to become a "summer vacation destination", which makes a nice change of pace from building another gulag.

According to The Mirror the new terminal was constructed by the army on a former military site and cost £130m to build. Apparently there are hopes that the airport could be capable of processing 2000 passengers per day.

By contrast, London's Heathrow gets through 201,000 passengers (both leaving and departing) a day.

Sadly we've no word yet on whether this airport will have an internet room like Pyongyang's Sunan airport.

Singapore photographer Aram Pan was lucky enough to get a special preview of the new airport for the website DPRK360, where you can also do Google Streetview-style virtual tours of the building. He was the first passenger to fly through the airport - hence the fact that the rest of the airport seems completely devoid of either people or aeroplanes.

The terminal will be open first for domestic passengers and then shortly after for international passengers... if you dare. [The Mirror & DPRK360]