A Wi-Fi-Connected Cannabis Growing Lab for the Geeky Homegrower

By James O Malley on at

There's a hot new trend amongst young people. No, it isn't rap music, skateboarding or whipping up hate mobs on Tumblr, or whatever it is that young people do these days - it's gardening.

Well, maybe, anyway.

The liberalisation of the drugs laws in the States has also provided ample business opportunities for start-ups looking to make some green. Which is perhaps why the Leaf "Plug N Plant" box is now a thing.

TechCrunch reports that it is about the size of a fridge (4ft x 2ft), it will sit in the corner of your room and incubate your growing plants. It will apparently fit two plants, which is enough for 4-5 ounces of weed.

Better still, if you're too high to properly maintain your plants then the box will do most of the hard work for you: You can simply load in cartridges of nutrients like you would load an ink cartridge into a printer and it will periodically feed your plants. It will also monitor how much light, water your precious crop is receiving - as well as the ventilation and the pH of the soil, and react accordingly.

That's not all, being 2015 the box will even connect to the internet and will enable you to log in from an app and monitor your plants. There's even a built in HD camera that will shoot you a timelapse of them growing. There appears to be a social element too - with the ability to check your friends' crops out too.

Unfortunately for any budding pot-heads if you want one it'll currently set you back around $1500 (about £1000), and you have to live in either one of the four US states have legalised cannabis, or one of the 23 states that allow it for medicinal purposes (and you'll have to show the company your medicinal marijuana card). And you probably shouldn't expect this to come to the UK until we've sorted out our crazy drug laws (so basically never then). [TechCrunch]