Nutella Finger Condoms Will Help You Dip Without Mess

By James O Malley on at

An Italian designer has come up with a clever snacking technology that would enable classy eaters to dig into a tub of Nutella without getting the hazelnut chocolate spread all over their fingers.

The Evening Standard reports that Paolo Ulian came up with the design, which are essentially thimble-shaped biscuit, designed to be held on the end of fingers. If you'd prefer another treat, apparently the biscuits work just as well with other types of spread.

Sadly, the Standard notes, it doesn't appear that this invention is available anywhere in shops despite the design having been around since 2004 where it was introduced at an exhibition in Milan. So you'll just have to go back to your current plan of troughing it out using your fingers, just like a pig would if it had more dextrous appendages. [Evening Standard]