Nvidia Shield TV Box Priced for UK Release Tomorrow

By Gerald Lynch on at

Our US buddies have been playing with (and very much enjoying) the Nvidia Shield TV Android set-top box for a good few months now, and it's finally making its way across the sea to the UK. You'll be able to pick up the Nvidia Shield in our isles as of tomorrow.

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The Tegra X1 chip packing 4K-capable box will come in two sizes, priced at £150 for the 16GB model and £230 for the 500GB Shield Pro version, both bundled with a controller. A bunch of accessories also go on sale, including additional controllers for £50 a pop, a £20 stand and £40 remote. Nvidia's "Netflix for games" GeForce Now streaming service also features as part of the deal – each Shield comes with a free three month subscription to the service, which will cost you £7.49 after that.

It's certainly at the pricer end of the streamer / connected set-top box market (you're looking at £80 for the Amazon Fire TV, for instance), but keep in mind you get a versatile, comfortable controller straight out of the box (sold separately with the Amazon rival), and no access to the hardcore gaming features, such as GeForce Now. Those with a relatively-recent, higher-end Nvidia GPU in their laptop or desktop machines can also take advantage of perhaps the coolest feature of all – remote streaming of their own collection of PC games. No more need to lug your computer to the living room for bigscreen, "ultra" settings PC gaming. [Nvidia]