Original Apple I Computer Set to Sell for £330,000

By James O Malley on at

One of the 50 original Apple computers built by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in a garage is up for auction in New York - where it is expected to fetch as much as half a million dollars (about £330,000).

The computer had to be soldered together by the buyer and cost $666.66 in 1976 - which is equivalent to $2796 today when inflation has been taken into account. If anyone does stump up the cash then the bad news for them is that it is literally only the motherboard (as above) - they will need to supply their own screen, keyboard and mouse.

The computer also boasted a 1mhz CPU and a whole 4KB of RAM.

Auctioneer Cassandra Hatton from Bonhams told Quirker how its authenticity was verified: "This is from the first batch of 50 because they received an order from the Byte Shop who put inventory numbers on them with a security pen."

Apparently this Apple I is in particularly good condition because it was only used once before the original owner asked current owner Tom Romkey to trade it in. Given the value of the device now, she says "It was probably the worst financial transaction in history."

Last year Romkey apparently sold another Apple I, that was in worse condition, for a record £563,904 - so it'll be interesting to see if this one beats it when it goes under the hammer next month. [Quirker]