Original Theatrical Star Wars Cuts Could be Coming to Blu-Ray

By James O Malley on at

Bad news for fans of Greedo shooting first as it has emerged that the original theatrical cuts of the Star Wars trilogy could soon be coming to Blu-Ray, making them available in 1080p for the first time.

According to Den of Geek filmmaker John Landis accidentally spilled the beans when doing publicity for the American Werewolf in London maze that is opening soon at Universal Studios Orlando.

He was apparently explaining why he wouldn't want to go back and edit his movies like George Lucas did when he dropped the geek bombshell, saying: "Did you know Disney, by the way, is putting out the original Star Wars the way it was? So, Disney, they’re like, money on the floor"

If true, this could be significant news for geeks who have had to make do with the so-called 'remastered' releases, which Lucas has continued to tinker with until the present day. The most recent re-release, which brought the films to Blu-Ray for the first time in 2011 made yet more changes to the original films.

Until now the closest we've got to a 1080p release of the original cut has been "Star Wars: Despecialized", an unauthorised edit created by fans taking footage from different releases to re-assemble the original films.

Den of Geek notes that what could make any possible release tricky is that 20th Century Fox apparently owns the home distribution rights to the original trilogy, whereas Disney owns the films - which could complicate matters. Though we're pretty sure that Rupert Murdoch likes money as much as Mickey Mouse, so we're hopeful that the untouched films will soon see the light of day. [Den of Geek]