Our Buddy techradar Has Had a Facelift...

By Gerald Lynch on at

Did you know that Gizmodo UK and techradar.com share an office? No? Well, then now you do. While to the outside world we may look like mortal web enemies, battling for tech scoops and Google spots, we're actually BFFs (or at least until only one of us gets an Apple event invite, anyway). It's with only a little envy then that we can today show off the hot new-look techradar.

Click through to give the fresh-faced techradar a peep.

Pretty spiffy, right? techradar's already well known for its reviews, but it's now also offering loads of "How To" guides, giving you tips on getting the most out of your phones, tablets, computers, wearables and more. And, with the Apple car brumming away over the horizon, there's an all-new area devoted to the best in car tech, too.

The cherry on the cake? Fewer ads, 'cos we know how much you all "love" them.

We asked techradar Editor Patrick Goss to hand-pick a few top posts that he reckons we Gizzers would get a kick out of, so why not give the revamped site a browse by giving these a read?

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