People Lie Better When They Need a Wee

By Gary Cutlack on at

Researchers studying the lying abilities of humans have found, somehow, that the lies flow better when the person telling them really needs a wee -- so perhaps knock back a few pints before your next job interview.

The academics say that the "inhibitory spillover effect" is responsible for the improvement in lying when needing the toilet, with the brain's increased awareness and struggle to remain in control of a full to bursting bladder leading to less in the way of visual ticks and clues to the telling of lies emerging on the faces of the untruthful.

The study explains: "...liars displayed significantly fewer behavioral cues to deception, more behavioral cues signaling truth, and provided longer and more complex accounts than truth-tellers. Accuracy detecting liars in the high-control condition was significantly impaired; observers revealed bias toward perceiving liars as truth-tellers."

And yes, it would appear to work as a deliberate strategy when you know you might need to do some lying to an employer, work tribunal, court of law, parent, child, mortgage broker or life partner, with the study concluding: "The ISE can operate in complex behaviors. Acts of deception can be facilitated by covert manipulations of self-control." [SD via Geek]

Image credit: Public toilet from Shutterstock